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  • Hervé Pacault

Hervé Pacault

Big laws and little secrets

With the Essentials of the defense game, Hervé Pacault completes his trilogy started by the Deadly Entame and continued by the Essentials of the card game. He explains with clarity and education the great laws that govern the action of the flanks, but also the little secrets that can make all the difference. This hearty manual begins with Basic signage (including Rule # 1, common sense takes priority over signage, deserves to be publicized).

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There follows a long chapter called Tools and organized in an original way since it is divided into nine sections which are verbs: Observe, Count, Know, Deduce, Reason, Imagine, Predict, Anticipate, Choose. The book contains three other chapters (Classic signage, Communications - a vital sector- and Defense plans), a glossary to top it off. Each chapter contains an impressive number of data and ends with other application data. A titanic work, to taste in small sips to better assimilate it. LE BRIDGEUR editions 368 pages

  • Auteur Hervé Pacault
  • Niveau de jeu 2 - Confirmé
  • Langue Français
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur