The official guide approved by the French Bridge Federation to learn to play like a pro! True sport of the spirit which solicits the memory, the capacity of analysis and deduction, the self-control and the listening of its partner of play, the bridge knows a strong craze with all the public. This guide will reveal all the techniques and tips for playing like a pro! Each basic concept is explained and illustrated with examples to understand the course of the game of bridge and its variants, corrected exercises allow you to practice, the strategy and the bids specific to each variant are described. This official guide includes the latest recommendations from the French education system of the French Bridge Federation. Complete rules of the game The most technical moves The latest fashion auctions like the sperm whale, the Piqcœur, the Rodrigue A dynamic model to find your way and practice
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Editions MARABOUT October 2017 412 pages Michel DUGUET and Michel CHARLEMAGNE