Death Often Strikes Twice (Deadly Squeeze at the Bridge House)


A thriller in the middle of bridge "The first thriller that portrays real situations at the bridge table, with real deals, announcements and card game included" Jean Claude, retired police commissioner, has become a passionate about bridge. Associated with his partner Cécile, as gifted as she is pretty, he begins to reap deserved successes in regional tournaments, while waiting to participate in national finals. But his old trade will continue him, because, curiously, some of the adversaries of the pair which he forms with his teammate die in strange circumstances. He will then resume service, confidentially, in an attempt to solve the puzzle.

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After a thriller about skiing and another about golf, the author is interested in bridge, an environment he knows well as a former ranked player. Fans of this game will find this special atmosphere they appreciate, and those who are not happy to have been initiated will take pleasure in discovering it. AUTHOR: Gérard MULLER EDITOR: Les Presses Littéraires 156 pages March 2017