Your first steps in bridge

Everything for a successful initiation to bridge This book is for players who are just starting out and want to see their initiation go under the best conditions. He will accompany them during their first year of bridge. Detailed explanations will be provided in several areas, starting with a presentation of the game, with the rules, objectives and procedures for playing a game of bridge, as well as the brand of points.
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The auctions will be introduced gradually, with a very simplified system at the start. As the advancement in the game progresses, new auctions will enrich the vocabulary of the bridgeur. At each new stage, the concepts covered in this book will be illustrated with examples, and exercises will enable them to be put into practice. In the last pages, a glossary will explain all the terms that you need to know to fully understand what is explained. Discover the game right away, thanks to the minibridge. This learning method makes it possible to play immediately, by authorizing the two partners to exchange information without using the auctions (or by using them only partially). By proceeding in this way, beginners become familiar with the mechanics of the card game, without cluttering the mind with abstract knowledge. It is not intended to replace the bridge course, given by a teacher, but rather to be a reference work, which they can consult at any time. 2016 Edition 160 pages Robert Eskinazi