Rodwell Files

  • Eric Rodwell

Eric Rodwell

For four decades, the American pair Meckstroth-Rodwell has been considered one of the most formidable in the world. What are the ingredients of their insolent success? Eric Rodwell lifts part of the veil by publishing a generous sum devoted to the card game: "Les Dossiers Rodwell", finally translated into French !

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After presenting the basic principles, he lists the tools for analyzing with one hand (with advanced concepts such as control units and lift packages) before embarking on "big maneuvers" in front of the dead man and in defense. Fond of original expressions and neologisms, Rodwell gives himself to heart: “Great leap for a recovery”, “Coup du 007: fire at will! "," Left hook "," Help yourself and save yourself! "

It is in the heart of the work, devoted to defense strategies and atypical defense situations, that the author gives the best of himself, evoking many situations (cutting or not cutting, shortening, protection of the partner's honors, "transmitting the hot potato", etc.) capable of making you progress significantly in this delicate compartment.

The last part of the book, "What to do and what not to do", further addresses the psychological aspects of the game with sections such as "Ask yourself the right questions", "Record the news and take it into account ”,“ Do not fall into a ready-made scheme ”.

All of these tips are particularly edifying. Intended for experienced bridgers (or eager to become one!), Rodwell's Secret Files are teeming with exhibits that unravel many mysteries and deliver an innovative and instructive approach to the game. To consult play and night!

Rodwell Files

Le Bridgeur editions, 388 pages.

  • Auteur Eric Rodwell
  • Thème Intérêt général
  • Niveau de jeu 1 - Compétition, 2 - Confirmé
  • Langue Français
  • Éditeur Le Bridgeur