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  • Philippe Soulet

Philippe Soulet

In this book by Philippe Soulet, you will find everything, a little. Only one constant: both for the graphical presentation - very attractive - and for the expression of the solution of the small problems which are submitted to you, the accent was put on the playful aspect of our activity.

Learn and progress together, but above all while having fun.

A playful treatment of exercises that cover all areas: play with the dead, auctions, starters and play in defense.

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Here is a little book that smells of sun, relaxation and vacations. Travel diaries, as their name suggests, are to take with you when you spend a few days in the countryside, fifteen days in Corfu or three months in Patagonia.

And when Philippe Soulet leads the way, we know that the music is good and the dance wild!

Bridgeur Editions

148 pages.

Authors Philippe Soulet and Thierry Rouffet