The hand account - volume 1 Distribution


Counting hands is the surest method for logically deducing what must be derived from known facts. It is the use of this faculty that gives bridge players their greatest satisfaction. You will discover, as you read, how to significantly improve your card game, and how very significantly increase the pleasure you will get from your favorite game. Quéran Gilles - Ohana Albert - Jeanneteau Yves

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Chapter I: the distribution 1) An opponent discards 2) The principle of the least choice 3) Their signaling 4) Their beginnings 5) Their auctions 6) What they did not announce 7 The opponent opens from 1SA 8) You have opened 1SA 9) Let's sum up Chapter II: the deal Number of pages: 83 Quéran Gilles - Ohana Albert - Jeanneteau Yves