Trump contracts - The secrets of the card

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The best bridge players only became trump game experts after patiently spending many hours of work and practice. Faced with opponents ready to jump with their little assets to cut your winning tricks, you must be very vigilant. There are countless factors to consider in a game plan and difficult decisions arise almost every time you lift. Do you have to drop the assets? Can you post a secondary color? Will a double cut set get you there?

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In this book, adapted to the French system and which constitutes a small revolution in the approach of the game to the trump, Brian Senior, successful author who has repeatedly represented England, Northern Ireland and Great Britain during international competitions, helps you to answer these questions and to understand the reasoning that will allow you to make the right decision. Each principle is thoroughly examined, then the reader is invited to check his skills by answering numerous exercises very close to those that appear at the table. With the contracts at Sans-Atout, by David Bird, he completes "The secrets of the card", an ideal series for bridgers who wish to improve this area of the game. Senior Brian

1 - Counting 2 - About the advantages 3 - Postage and communication 4 - Color handling and safety games 5 - Probabilities and cumulative chances 6 - Reading hands 7 - Avoidance games 8 - Elimination - hand performance 9 - Trump reduction and reverse death 10 - The squeeze Number of pages: 158 Senior Brian