Two-way auctions

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Attack auctions repeat all basic auction sequences that may occur at a table in opposing silence. They are classified by themes, accompanied by practical applications which allow the reader to understand their immediate significance.

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We will find there the fundamental principles essential to the description of all hands (openings, answers, requests ...). We will also find the necessary supplements for a more complete approach to auctions (Stayman, Texas, slam auction ...) as well as an overview of competition auctions (3rd and 4th color forcing, generalized Sputniks, competitive auctions). A series of summary tests ends the work. Brunel Philippe - Sarian Catherine

Everything you need to know about auctions for two - Openings at the level of 1 - Strong openings - Answers to the opening of 1 to the color Second round auctions - Ask the opener after an opening of 1 Clover or 1 Tile - Request of the opener after opening 1 Heart or 1 Spade - 2nd respondent bid Complements and developments Bid in opposing silence Number of pages: 158 June 2001 Brunel Philippe - Sarian Catherine