Contracts at Sans-Atout - The secrets of the card

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Bridge play at Sans-Atout represents almost half of the contracts to which you will be subject as a declarant. This shows its importance. In the absence of a cut that could harm your game plan, it is simplified, depending only on two essential factors: - the postage of your long ones and - your ability to prevent that of the opposing colors. This does not mean that the game at Sans-Atout is easy, far from it! You will have many decisions to make throughout the course of the move. Should we try such a dead end? What is the dangerous hand? What conclusions can you draw from your opponents' cards?

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This book, accessible to everyone, will help you answer these questions to adopt the best line of play. It will help you dissect the reasoning leading to the right solution, will expose you to simple principles whose application will help you progress independently . Many exercises and tests will allow you to measure your progress. The author, David Bird, is one of the most famous and prolific English bridge writers. The translation has been adapted whenever necessary to the French system. With Brian Senior's Trump Contracts, he completes The Secrets of the Card, an ideal series for bridgers who wish to improve this area of bridge. Bird david

1 - Sans-Atout game plan 2 - Pass with a single stop 3 - Avoid the dangerous opponent: the dead end oriented 4 - How to play the Ace-Queen combinations 5 - Pass with a stop and a half 6 - Preserve his communications 7 - Avoid the dangerous opponent: the directed blank shot 8 - Pass with two stops 9 - Misleading games 10 - Avoid the dangerous opponent: complementary techniques 11 - Elimination - hand yield 12 - Hand counts Number of pages: 160 February 2009 Bird David