Bridge books Tome 2 - The slams

In this bridge book, you will find in the first two thirds a panoply of slam auction techniques: general strategy, Blackwoods, "5 in major", modern conventions and different situations of slam attempts. The third third makes provision for auction exercises. You will find 48 deals to bid on, with the explanations and sequences proposed by the author on the back. For the fourth third, it will be up to you to win at the table, the good slams requested! Marmion Patrice
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Chapter 1: the rule of 4 Chapter 2: technical weapons at auction Chapter 3: appreciate the hands Chapter 4: attempts at slam and captaincy Chapter 5: the proper use of technical weapons at bridge Chapter 6: deals of slams Editions Le Bridgeur Number of pages: 124 December 2004 Marmion Patrice