Slam auction

In this bridge book, Marc Kerlero uses the same method and the same logic to understand what clearly constitutes the most delicate and costly compartment of announcements: the slam auctions. You will learn how to make and spot the auction-click that shows the ambitions to exceed the round, when and how to announce the controls or request their triggering, you will no longer confuse quantitative 4SA and Blackwood, nor encounter auctions and Splinters. You will also know when it is appropriate not to install the Blackwood, how to stop at the round when all the controls are present and the auction of 5 to the trump will have no more secrets for you. Finally, you will learn how to choose the best slam, when several names are possible. Kerlero Marc
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1 - The bridge weight slams 2 - The equipment 3 - The click auction 4 - The control auctions 5 - The 4SA auction 6 - The auction of 5 to the asset 7 - The choice of the best name Editions Le Bridgeur Number of pages: 135 March 2004 Kerlero Marc