Standard for the year 2000 - Volume III

Everything you always wanted to know about competitive bridge auctions - an exhaustive study of counters and cue-bids, - awakening techniques, - defenses against unusual conventions, - new conventions, in tune with requirement of the competition, - and many other things. Chidiac-Quantin-Beaucourt
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- The must of the 2000 standard - Interventions and developments - The specific defenses - The modifications made to the respondent's auction after interference from n ° 2 - The modifications made to the opener's auction after interference from n ° 4 - Libansohl and complements - The artificial interference - Awakening techniques - Cons: classification, terminology, definitions - Cue-bids: classification, terminology, definitions - Competitive low-level auctions - Competitive high-level auctions Number of pages: 325 Editions Le Bridgeur Novembre 2001 Chidiac-Quantin-Beaucourt