Standard for the year 2000 - Volume I


This first tome of bridge initially lists all the means of investigation essential for the declaration of a good slam: Blackwood 5 As, Blackwood 6 As, Blackwood exclusion, Gerber, Super Gerber, ... as many tools including you will no longer be able to do without! By respecting the platform of your fifth major, he then offers tailor-made developments after the openings of 2SA, 2 very undefined Shamrocks and 2 Sleeve forcing tiles. The objective: to make up for the lack of space caused by an opening at level 2. The solution: to increase the means of investigation tenfold by using new concepts such as compact auctions or induced Blackwoods.

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- Modern exploration tools in the demand for slams at bridge - The slam auctions after the opening of 2SA - The slam auctions after the other openings at level 2 Number of pages: 150 Editions Le Bridgeur April 2003 Chidiac- Quantin-Beaucourt