2 weak and outbuildings

This bridge work will allow you to really know the weak 2, and to assimilate the consequences of its use. You will also find advice on the defense against these openings and, in the form of supplements, the principles of reaction against the "2 Multi tiles". Strong openings will not be forgotten. The authors show you the standard system and offer you their personal gadgets. Finally, you will find, throughout the book, many exercises and summaries which will allow you to assimilate all these techniques. Bessis Michel and Véronique
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Chapter 1: the weak 2 Chapter 2: defense against the weak 2 Chapter 3: the 2 Strong undetermined clovers Chapter 4: the 2 sleeve forcing tiles Chapter 5: 2 Clovers and 2 tiles after intervention Chapter 6: About the 2 Multi tiles Number of pages: 138 Editions Le Bridgeur September 2000 Bessis Michel and Véronique