Stay cool


Stay Cool is a unique party game, explosive, tense and funny at the same time, where speed prevails ... as much as composure!


Two players bombard you with questions simultaneously. Respond to as many of them as quickly as possible! Be careful, answer orally to one at the same time as you write your answers with the dice for the other. Also keep an eye on the hourglass, as you'll need to turn it over at the right time.

Nothing could be simpler, we tell you 

And don't forget to smile!

Strong points:

Extremely simple rules and rich content (over 1,500 questions!)

A unique and intense experience.

Warning ! Stay Cool causes a strong desire to play it again, to improve its score!


  • 50 "written questions" cards (for 500 questions)
  • 50 "oral question" cards (for 1000 questions!)
  • 1 hourglass (30 seconds)
  • 7 letter dice
  • 1 “hourglass” card
  • Language French
  • Catégorie de jeu Ambiance
  • Âge 3 à 7 joueurs
  • Public + de 12ans
  • Durée de la partie 30 min
  • Type Jeu de base